Cold Market Prospecting for MLM

Cold Market Prospecting for MLM0

Cold Market Prospecting for MLM

I personally have been in network marketing from quite some time and have experimented with loads of different ways of prospect hunting in the cold market. The best way to prospect to the cold market is to first convert them into warm market. What do I mean by that? Instead of directly calling a stranger and talking about your product/idea/business, approach them with the goal of friendship. You can use offline or online techniques for this but I personally prefer online methods. Below I’ve listed 3 methods that have always worked for me and will definitely help you as well.

Social Media

Social media is everywhere. Everything we do now a day has some sort of connection to How to Earn Commission From ClickBank on Auto-Pilotsocial media. Everything from entertainment to advertisement to business can be done through social media. A great benefit for you is the interaction with people. Use sites like Facebook or LinkedIn or even a forum of your personal interests and talk to people and instead of straight away pitching them your idea, talk to them, get them comfortable with you and a good transition towards your idea is to ask them what they do to which in return they will ask you what you do and from there you can starting prospecting them.


Writing article on your personal blog or site will help a lot in generating cold leads but keeping in mind that the articles need to be of good quality and provide useful information to your clients. Providing your users with value ensures that they trust that you know what you are talking about and in fact they will be willing to talk to you. In many cases, cold leads will start approaching you rather than the conventional way of you approaching them. This is sort of like passive lead generating and lead generating doesn’t get better than this.

Online Advertisement

The Ultimate Travel Home BusinessThis is the least recommended method from the 3 mentioned and that is because of a few reasons. Firstly, this can be costly. Unless you have a big personal budget if it’s your own company or if your company is willing to compensate you if you work for someone else, then you simply can’t avail this option. A second reason is time, this is a very time taking method as it takes time for your advertisement to reach people and in many cases even trial and error from your side to figure out the best way to advertise. But I still recommend this because if you can spend the money and the time, this has a higher result in long term.

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